10-year-old ‘Trans Model’ Scheduled for Surgery at 16


    Noella McMaher has recently garnered interest for modeling at New York Fashion Week. The boy was reported to have informed his parents that he was a girl around the age of two.

    He began to transition socially and became known as a girl at the age of four. The name was legally changed when he turned seven years old.

    The mother of Noella made use of feminine pronouns to refer to her son. She said, “She would refuse to wear boy clothing and throw tantrums since she was just so young. She was aware of what she wanted, but she wasn't able to express it … The truth is, I ought to have known that earlier because she was averse to males and so I took her to a clinic for gender.”

    Noella reported to medical professionals in the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago that she was a little girl.

    It was discovered via Reduxx that it appears that Noella lives with his mother's biological parents and her boyfriend, and both are transgender. The mother of Noella, Dee McMaher, is an activist for social justice.

    The publication states that Noella's mom Dee McMaher “appears to be on hormone replacement therapy, and recently had a cosmetic mastectomy” before stating it is the case that “both she and her current partner are females who identify as transmasculine.”

    A biographical profile of The Point Foundation, a pro-trans organization, says that Dee McMaher was a “deaf, gay, transgender person with a background in LGBTQIA+ advocacy.”

    The biography is a reference to McMaher by using the word “they” and says that she has “spent the last 10 years working as an educator and advocate for transgender children and their families.”

    Dee McMaher told the Chicago Parent that she planned to have her child undergo sex changing operations when he was 16 years old after the child receives puberty blockers as well as cross-sex hormones.

    Dee McMaher and Noella's biological father, Timothy McCord, are divorced. McCord was accused of child abuse in the year the year 2016. McMaher tried but was unsuccessful in trying to have McCord accused of an act of hate, alleging that McCord injured Noella's arm when he tried making Noella wear pajamas that were designed for boys.

    Now, McMaher is in a relationship with another person who has identified as transgender.

    Sinead Watson is a detransitioner and said to Reduxx, “I cannot believe that this child was accepted at this young age. I can't believe that this child, this baby, was found to be wrong at the age of two years old and legal changes at six? The whole situation is a sham.”

    Watson further argued that Noella's mother and spouse “are forcing their own ideological ideas onto their innocent baby” and that sex-change operations must be considered “child abuse.”


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