15 Week Abortion Ban Favored by More than Oppose It


    Nearly half, 48 percent, of 1,500 registered voters surveyed indicated that they'd “strongly or somewhat favor such restrictions, with exemptions to protect the health of the mother.” Only 43 percent of voters are against the idea of a 15 week abortion ban. These results are being considered when the Supreme Court considers the possibility of allowing Mississippi's law prohibiting abortions after 15 week gestation to remain in effect.

    “A total of 31 percent of voters said they strongly support a 15-week ban, while 17 percent were somewhat in support. Another 34 percent said they strongly opposed such a ban, and 10 percent said they were somewhat opposed,” according to the Journal.

    However, 55 percent of voters say they would like “abortion to be legal in all or most cases.” Thirty percent of voters believe that abortion should be prohibited, except in cases of sexual assault, incest or where the mother's life is at risk. Eleven percent believe that an abortion “should be illegal in all circumstances.”

    “There are going to be hardened people on both ends,” Republican pollster Tony Fabrizi said. Fabrizi's firm conducted the survey along with Democrat Pollster, John Anzalone. “But most people are somewhere in between and a lot of people pick and choose.”

    It's not surprising that 69 percent of Democrats polled said they oppose the ban on abortions for 15 weeks, while 21 percent of respondents affirm that they are in support of the ban. However, the majority of Republicans are in favor of the ban, and 20 percent are against it.

    The results of the poll are similar to other surveys conducted with regard to how Americans think about abortion restrictions. A Knights of Columbus/Marist poll that was released for the March for Life 2022, revealed that 71 percent of Americans favor legal restrictions on abortion. According to the results of the poll, nearly 49 percent of Democrats favor limits on abortion, as do 93% of Republicans, and 70 percent of Independents.

    Another poll conducted from the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) in June 2021 following the Supreme Court agreeing to take on the Mississippi appeal, found that 53 percent of those who are likely to vote think they're more likely to choose a Republican candidate who favors an abortion time limit of 15 weeks, as opposed with 28 percent of voters who prefer to choose a Democrat who favors abortion without limits up to the point of birth.

    This Wall Street Journal poll was conducted among 1,500 registered voters from March 2-7. Its margin of error for the question on whether people wanted abortions legal or illegal was + or plus 2.5 percentage points. The margin was 3.6 percentage points when asked on the ban of 15 weeks.


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