1619 Project Creator Mocks Mother Worried About NYC Subway


    The woman who founded the 1619 Project focused her attention on a Brooklyn mother who expressed her concerns over a tense subway ride in the Democratic-run city.


    The activist for education, Yiatin Chu, became the target of historian Nikole Hannah-Jones' remark after she posted on social media about her journey to work, according to The New York Post on Saturday.

    “Paid $2.75 to sit in the subway with an aggressive and loud man who was threatening to strike his female friend. Changed cars at the next stop to find an unsanitary, urine-smelling public bathroom in a packed car for the remainder of my journey. This is @KathyHochul's NYC,” Chu wrote after which she added that both Democrat leaders “own the issue” and “said that themselves.”

    As a response to the post, Hannah-Jones' retweeted Chu's tweet, writing “Yes indeed. It was completely unheard of on the subways, for two decades.”

    Chu replied by explaining, “I've been taking the subway since the 1980s. It's not a new thing, but it's becoming more popular and it's not improving.”

    “Our elected officials have said they will address the issue but we haven't seen any improvements. What are the reasons we should accept these terms for our commute,” she noted. 

    A few users seemed to follow Hannah-Jones' example in pursuing Chu while others were in agreement with the worried mother.

    “The subways, as with all other things in the city, have been in decline for quite a while. Since January 1, 2014 when Bill DeBlasio took office. As if an avalanche is growing in size. NYers can rightfully have an orderly city. This is not going to be the case with Left/Progressives.” one user wrote.

    “Nikole was born in Iowa. Yiatin was born in Queens. Yiatin attended public schools at Queens to be an English language student as well as commuting to Bronx Science as a teenager in the 80's…some of us have years of NYC living experience to draw upon and not just the past two (admittedly trashy) years.” someone else replied to Hannah-Jones.

    In the days prior to when Chu published her personal incident, a woman had been accused of punching a 10-year-old child and her mom as they rode on the subway, Breitbart News reported.

    “The New York City subway system has been recently riddled with violent crime, which has included fatal stabbings, pushings onto the tracks, and numerous other violent crimes,” the news outlet reported.

    Then, in May, Breitbart News described Hannah-Jones as “the mind behind the ‘1619 Project,' a series of stories in the New York Times that attempt to distort and discredit American history and its founding.”


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