1,700 Migrants Arrested in a Texas Border Town in One Day


    An official working under the auspices of U.S. Customs and Border Protection informed Breitbart that Del Rio Sector agents are leading the nation in recent arrests. The source claimed that the rise in arrests has forced the agency to address an ever-growing number of people waiting to be processed at the processing facility. More than 2,000 immigrants were arrested on Thursday across all of the Del Rio Sector — many of them opted to enter the United States at Eagle Pass.

    The job of transporting migrants from the point of arrest close to the Rio Grande to a processing center with a soft-sided design is stretching the resources of transportation to the limit. The source states that the necessity to provide humanitarian and medical assistance in processing migrants means that the majority of Border Patrol agents are not conducting regular field patrols and the border is left unguarded.

    The CBP source, who is not legally authorized to talk to the media, told Breitbart Texas that most of the encounters that occurred on Thursday were with single adults. The biggest group of immigrants detained there were more than 500 of 528 participants in the group were single adult males as well as females. The group consisted of migrants from 14 countries.

    The majority were Venezuelan citizens. More than 150 people came from Cuba. More than 100 of the groups originated from Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, and Mexico.

    The source claims that the Border Patrol is seeing a stream of people from all over the world , and has arrested immigrants within Eagle Pass from more than 100 countries in the past year. Detaining immigrants from various countries each day is an everyday routine of the Border Patrol, according to the person who provided the information.


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