A Close Look: Representative Stefanik Critiques Democrats for Gerrymandering that is Clearly Unconstitutional


    “The decision rendered by Judge Patrick McAllister is a win for all New Yorkers and confirms what we have been saying all along: New York Democrats drew gerrymandered congressional lines to protect themselves and hurt all New Yorkers, specifically the North Country,” Stefanik exclusively spoke to Breitbart News about the GOP's triumphant legal victory.

    The victory could result in the loss of up to four  Democrats seats they hold in the U.S. Congress. An earlier New York court threw out the newly drawn statewide Democrat-designed Gerrymandered map, claiming it did not comply with the state's constitution-based redistricting system. The ruling is huge against Democrats and is set to be brought to the Court of Appeals, the highest court of the state.

    If the decision is upheld in the appeal, New York state lawmakers might be able to adopt the date for the primary in June to allow the creation of a new map. The judge required state legislators to create new maps with the support of both parties on or before April 11.

    The gerrymandered map was created in January with the assistance of the 15 Assembly Republicans who ratified the redistricting process that the court ruled illegal. These 15 Assembly Republicans have been criticized for allowing the map to be drawn in exchange for protection from being gerrymandered from the legislature of state.

    “Albany Democrats violated the New York State Constitution and drew egregious, unfair, and unconstitutional lines to benefit Democrat elected officials,” Stefanik spoke of the gerrymandered system.

    The president of the New York Young Republican Club, Gavin Wax told Breitbart News that it “was no excuse” for the 15 Republicans to approve to approve the Democrat map. “That fact that a court in deep blue New York ruled that these maps were unconstitutional and illegal show how out of touch the 15 Assembly Republicans who voted for the state maps were,” Wax declared.

    In the United States, Republicans have struggled to make up for losses in redistricting. The senior editor at The Cook Political Report, David Wasserman, has observed that Democrats have dominated the battle over redistricting that Republicans were predicted to easily take on. However, Republicans have shifted their positions in a number of states, including Missouri, Kansas, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania and other states that went to court and were defeated by redistricting by the Democrat machines of redistricting.

    With the redistricting machine of the Democrats that is aided by former President Barack Obama's once-in-a-lifetime attorney general Eric Holder, the establishment media have taken note of the “weirdly well” way Democrats are accomplishing their redistricting goals.

    “[A]ccording to at least one analyst, there is actually an outside chance that the final map will be tilted, ever so slightly, in the Democrats' favor,” the New York Magazine reported in December.

    The Republican National Redistricting Trust, which was led by Karl Rove and Chris Christie, was criticized for its inability to stop the Democrat machine.

    “If Christie was half as focused on redistricting as he's been on his future failing presidential campaign or the box of Twinkies he jams in his face each morning, then maybe Republicans would be in better shape today,” Donald Trump Jr. stated of Christie's failings.

    A top national Republican strategist told Breitbart News that “Karl Rove has been asleep at the wheel throughout the redistricting process.”

    “It's clear Karl Rove has lost a step, and it's costing Republicans all over the country,” a second GOP strategist said.


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