A Recent AP Poll Indicates that Democrats Most Likely to Support Strong Sanctions Against Russia


    According to an AP poll conducted from March 17 to 21 of 1,082 people, 56 percent of independents and 52 percent of Republicans support policies that lessen the damage caused to the US economy by the Ukraine conflict, “even if it means sanctions on Russia are less effective.” Sixty-nine percent of Democrats support strong sanctions, and so do 45 percent of Republicans and 39 percent of independents.

    The poll also revealed less support for sanctions from younger people. Only 41 percent of Americans under 30 years old, contrasted with 65 percent of those over 60, support “sanctioning Russia as effectively as possible, even if it damages the U.S. economy.”

    Overall, 46 percent of respondents would like the United States to play a small role in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, while 40 percent would like the U.S. to play “a major role.”

    However, the same poll indicates that 68 percent of Republicans think President Joe Biden's response to the Russian invasion will be ” not tough enough.” Nine percent of those think Biden does not seem “too tough” on the Russians.

    The polling occurred just as Biden has been trying to increase the pressure on Russia but without triggering an uncontrollable rise in the level of violence by igniting a nuclear power. It was taken by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

    Biden's administration has both intensified and escalated the war in Ukraine's Russian-populated regions. It has not enforced the U.S.’s post-Cold War commitment to keep Ukraine out of NATO. After Russia attacked, the U.S. supplied Javelin missiles that destroyed Russian tanks. As Russia began to use more of its artillery fire, its opponents were able to use the U.S. to provide long-range missiles that could destroy Russian artillery. The U.S. has also imposed economic sanctions against Russia and has described Russian officials as the perpetrators of war.

    However, President Biden's administration is hindering any transfer from Poland of MiG-29 planes to Ukraine and refusing to create a no-fly zone as well as downplaying European requests for further actions.

    The issue at stake is the status of Ukraine as a country in terms of its political structure. Progressives in the West insist that Ukraine be able to become part of NATO and purchase foreign weapons. Russian officials claim that Ukraine is an ancient province belonging to and part of the Russian homeland and that an independent Ukraine should remain out of international agreements as well as that the Russian-inhabited areas of Ukraine be transferred to Russia. The Russian conflict began after Western governments repeatedly suggested that Ukraine should be able to become a member of NATO and not be bound by Russia's terms for political participation.


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