A UPenn Swimmer Says Lia Thomas “Ruins the Integrity” of Women’s Swimming


    Fox News spoke with a University of Pennsylvania swimmer about teammate Lia Thomas on condition that she remain anonymous in order to protect her life from being destroyed by woke leftists. She said that allowing Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete who is biologically male, to swim as a woman is unfair and renders the accomplishments of real women meaningless.

    Fox News reported the student as saying, “It's certainly not an achievement in my head. Women's records differ from men's records. It is a distinct category, because no woman can be as fast or as efficient as a man.”

    She also pointed out that Thomas is destroying records at will because people are afraid to speak out.

    The swimmer stated that it was still disappointing to learn that the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) lacks the courage to do the right thing. “I believe that if Lia broke an Olympian's record, it would cause a lot more damage to the sport and women. I also think it would encourage more people to stand up [against the guidelines], people who were afraid to talk before.”

    The student criticized Thomas, saying he would not be able to compete against women if he cared about them, due to his obvious physical advantage. She stated, “If you had compassion at all for your teammates or women, you would admit that you have an unfair advantage.”

    The student insisted that her rights were being violated by allowing Thomas to compete as a female swimmer in college swimming. She also stated that she would not back down. “This entire season was about her…everything [during] this season was about Lia. We've all given up our entire lives to support her. How much more can we sacrifice for Lia? I won't sacrifice anything else. We have already sacrificed team morale, the way people view our team's success, and had the media, to this aspect, added in…This will haunt us forever in the knowledge that team and pool records were broken in an unfair and illegitimate manner.” The student pointed out that if Lia’s name is accepted on the record board and accepted, it completely destroys the school's integrity.

    This student is not the only one to speak out. Sixteen Ivy League women swimmers wrote a letter in February to the University of Pennsylvania asking for clarification about Thomas's participation on the school's women’s swimming team. Two female teammates also spoke out anonymously, saying they were very unhappy that he was allowed to compete as a woman. However, so far these efforts have been futile as Thomas's school continues to refuse to take any action against him.

    Thomas is currently competing at the NCAA championship in Atlanta. He has already set a prelim record.


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