Abe Hamadeh Tells Republican Attorneys General To Go on Offense Against Democrat DAs’s


    Saturday morning host Matthew Boyle opened the interview with Hamadeh by discussing the importance of the races for attorneys general across the nation.

    Hamadeh said such races are crucial because state attorneys general have to “go on offense now” instead of playing defense. Hamadeh cited his reference to the U.S. Supreme Court's latest decision overturning Roe v. Wade as an example of conservatives within the legal arena contesting “assumptions of the status quo.”

    He added, “But it's even more than just the last line of defense. We're going to move forward. President Trump has really set the tone for the playing stage by the appointment of three conservative justices to the Supreme Court. We've overturned Roe V. Wade, because we're questioning our assumptions about the norm.”

    Hamadeh said that he had received the endorsement of former president Donald Trump, in part because of his commitment to investigate the crimes committed in the election of 2020. Hamadeh claimed that Trump gave Republicans the knowledge on how to combat extremist left Democrats.

    He stated, “And, you know that President Trump has told me, He said, hey don't forget about 2020. And I said, absolutely not, Mr. President. We'll be prosecuting the criminals of 2020. I'm a former prosecutor. A prosecutor who prosecutes crimes that have occurred before. You know that we're still pursuing Hillary Clinton with the Durham investigation for the things they did to us back in 2016. That's why we must get tough because the Democrats play constantly to win, while Republicans tend to play nice, but that's not the case anymore. President Trump knows that has taught us to take on the fight.”

    But, Hamadeh said the fight is no longer confined to the federal government, as “the radical left has dominated and overtaken every aspect of our lives.”

    “Now we need to fight big tech. We need to target certain sectors of the companies in the sports industry. They're coming after us in ways we've never anticipated,” Hamadeh continued. “I think they're imposing gender and race confusion in our children. You know that's the time to be tough.”

    “And, you know, a line that I use, though, I'm a former army captain, an intelligence officer, and, you know, a line I always use is that we need an attorney general that's a little less attorney and more general,” He added.

    Boyle said that Democrat Mega-donor George Soros is trying to make law enforcement more difficult across the country by donating money to district attorney and attorney general candidates.

    Hamadeh has spoken of the necessity of taking on the Soros-funded attorneys general and prosecutors.

    “George Soros. He's a smart guy. And he realized that he's going to establish radical DAs and prosecutors across the nation. And this is the place, if you examine our cities, you'll see that they're becoming Gotham City so quickly,” Hamadeh added.

    He also stressed that attorneys general have the ability to rule over local district attorneys.

    “But, you know, as Attorney General [what]we have to do is have the ability to go in and prosecute some of these cases that these George Soros prosecutors refuse to prosecute,” the attorney general said.

    Hamadeh also was awed by San Francisco for voting to recall the District Attorney funded by Soros, Chesa Boudin.

    “I mean, if you thought San Francisco recalled Chesa Boudin, and that's liberal San Francisco, and it was primarily led by first generation Americans, Matt, I mean, it was as you know, a lot of the Asian Americans that are fed up with the rising crime.”

    Hamadeh once again stressed the importance of Republican Attorneys General to play defense against Soros and defend America First values.

    “But now we must begin rethinking the approach we'll take in the fight against George Soros because I'm done playing defense. Matt I'm done playing defense, but we need to get in the opposite direction [against] George Soros. He's promised to invest $160 million over the 2022 cycle, and this is the time to fight back, and it all begins by electing strong, good America First candidates, we're actually going to defend our law enforcement officials.”

    He also attacked Republicans who were in solidarity with the leftists in times of BLM George Floyd riots.

    “Even Republicans were weak kneed by the left, especially when they're changing their profile pictures to black squares, or, you know, being in solidarity. This is why we must always be aware of what the Left is up to,” he said. “They're gaslighting us.”

    “So we have to always you know, I've served overseas with the U.S. Army, and I always get thanked by military servicemen, but we need to be thanking our law enforcement officers for going to the streets of war every single day,” said the official. “And they're doing that without the backing of the City Council or the city Mayors.”


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