According to Emerson College/Hill Poll, Herschel Walker Holds Tight Lead Over Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate Race


    A poll conducted by Emerson College and the Hill from April 1 through 3 resulted in Herschel Walker with a four-point advantage over Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate race. Walker was able to secure 49 percent of the vote in comparison to Warnock's 44 percent, and six percent of the respondents were unsure about which candidate they would vote for. The poll was conducted with 1,013 registered voters and had an error margin of + or minus 3 percent.

    Walker is an ex-University of Georgia football star and Heisman Trophy winner; in polls, he has been shown to have a narrow lead over Warnock within the margins of error, which suggests an extremely popular general election is near. The race will be watched closely in the nation as it will be one of the races that could decide the next Senate majority.

    As the primary election is not too far off, Walker continues to be considered a sure winner in the Republican primary with an overwhelming lead but a less pronounced one over his Democratic rival. In the primaries, Walker scored 57 percent, followed by Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black with 13 percent and a few other candidates with one-digit votes. Sixteen percent of the respondents indicated that they were unsure. The Republican primary poll questions were posed to 509 Republican voters. The results included an error margin of + or minus 4.3 percent.

    The overall results suggest that Democrats face a steep climb in the battleground Peach State. The poll found Democrat governor candidate Stacey Abrams narrowly trails her potential Republican opponent. Both Democrats, who are among the wealthiest candidates in the country, are also competing in a midterm election year that historically is likely to favor Republicans.

    Warnock, a longtime pastor and an accomplished public speaker, has even gone as far as to say that he has declared himself “the most vulnerable Senate Democrat up for reelection” in the context of how he will try to increase his fundraising efforts prior to the general election. Warnock's campaign has been effective, as the Georgia Democrat ended the last quarter of 2021 with the highest fundraising campaign in the nation, boasting a staggering $9.8 million and reporting a staggering sum of $23 million cash in the bank.

    Walker also closed 2021 with one of the most effective fundraising campaigns in the country and is currently running with top backing from two prominent men within the Republican Party: former President Donald Trump and Senate GOP Chairman Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

    Regarding the demographics of the poll, Walker performed better with voters aged 49 or more, whereas Warnock was much more successful with voters who were younger than 30. The poll also revealed equal splits of voters with different education levels; however, the majority of voters were the least educated, meaning they had a high-school education or less. Walker beat Warnock with a margin of more than 20 percent in the lowest-educated category of voters.


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