According to Exit Polls, 68% of Unmarried Women Voted for Democrats in the Midterm Election


    According to exit poll results, 68 percent of unmarried women preferred Democrats during this year's U.S. House midterm elections in comparison to 31 percent who preferred Republicans.

    Fifty-two percent of unmarried males favored Republicans and 45 percent of them preferred Democrats.

    For married males, 59 percent of respondents supported the Republican candidate, as opposed to 39 percent that supported Democrats. Fifty-six percent of married women favored a Republican candidate, compared to 42 percent of them who favored a Democrat.

    Overall, 59 percent of unmarried voters favored Democrats as opposed to 39 percent who favored Republicans, and 58 percent of married voters favored Republicans as opposed to 41 percent who voted for Democrats.

    Married women and men each comprised 30 percent of the participants (60 percent). Unmarried women comprised 23 percent of respondents. Unmarried men represented 16 percent of the respondents.

    In addition, 55 percent of women with no children preferred Democrats as opposed to 44 percent that preferred Republicans. However, 57% of male voters without children preferred Republicans as opposed to 45 percent who preferred Democrats. Women without children accounted for 39 percent of those polled, and men who had no children comprised 33 percent.

    Women with children were more likely to vote Democrat instead of Republicans with a 51-47 percent split. However, men with children voted for Republicans by 54 percent to 42 percent.

    The exit polling results also revealed that abortion was a significant reason for women to vote on Tuesday.

    Thirty-three percent of women stated the issue of abortion was their number one concern. 77 percent of them supported Democrat candidates, while 22 percent favored Republican candidates. The second most important concern for women was inflation at 28 percent. This was followed by gun control, crime, and immigration, all of which were equally at ten percent.

    The large majority of females (67 percent) reported that they were unsatisfied with Roe v. Wade being overturned, with 72% of women who voted for Democrat candidates agreeing as compared to 27 percent of those that voted Republican. On the other hand, 30 percent of females were happy or content with Roe being overturned. The majority of them supported Republicans (84 percent) as opposed to Democrats (15 percent).

    Only 22 percent of men believed that abortion was the biggest concern, compared with 35 percent of men who said inflation. Furthermore, 13 percent of males declared that crime was their top concern and followed by gun control at 12 percent and immigrants at 11 percent.

    As of Wednesday night, Republicans are expected to win over the U.S. House, while the U.S. Senate remains up in the air as voting continues to be recorded across Arizona and Nevada. The Georgia U.S. Senate race is scheduled to have a runoff in December.

    The nationwide exit poll was carried out through Edison Research in conjunction with major national networks. The survey included 18,571 people across the country who voted in the U.S. House race. It included 8,688 males and 9,797 women. The exit polls were revised on Nov. 9 at 2:44 p.m. Eastern.


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