According to Hillary Clinton, the “Great Majority of Americans” Feel Conservatives Have Taken Abortion Restrictions Too Far


    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday on CNN International Amanpour that a “great majority of Americans” are of the opinion that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, which overturned Roe v. Wade, and some Republican-led state legislatures have gone too far with abortion prohibitions.

    Clinton stated, “In a democracy, when things don’t go your way, when you suffered setbacks. You need to remember that there is no permanent political victory or defeat. You have to keep fighting for these fundamental rights. You have to try to enshrine them in law as best you can in our system, at both the federal and the state level. So we’ll see what happens in states like Arkansas [and] in so many other states when we face real world problems, as we have seen already seen where women with miscarriages go in for medical treatment are turned away and God forbid, a woman dies because that health care is denied her. I just believe that the fervor of the interests that are saying there should be absolutely no choice for women in half the states or more of our country will run right up against reality as it has in elections in Kansas and Kentucky and Montana, California, Michigan where voters got to vote on these extreme measures or trying to prevent them from ever being imposed in their states. Right now, it’s obvious that the great majority of Americans believe the Supreme Court, local states, legislatures, et cetera, have gone way too far.” 


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