According to Sources, CNN+ Failures Are Causing Chris Wallace to Have “Daily Breakdowns”


    The initial launch of CNN+ has been anything but perfect, as per the most up-to-date figures, with the service receiving only 10,000 daily viewers and even fewer users. According to CNBC, fewer than 10,000 people are making use of CNN+ each day, only two weeks into its existence, according to sources familiar with the subject. The participants spoke with CNBC under the condition of anonymity to discuss private information.

    CNN+ launched on March 29. The subscription-based news-streaming service, which charges $5.99 per month and $59.99 annually, became accessible through Roku on Monday but isn't yet available on Android TV. The small number of users is a concern for what the future holds for the app after the recent merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia, becoming Warner Bros. Discovery.

    News of this calamity has not been well-received by Chris Wallace, who left Fox News in late 2021 to join CNN+, and he has expressed his frustration to his staff, as per journalist Jon Nicosia.

    “SOURCE: Chris Wallace is experiencing daily breakdowns over the ‘frustrating launch’ of CNN +],” Nicosia revealed. “Wants a ‘CNN show or is threatening to walk' they go on. ‘He is having staffers count how many times a day his promo is playing.'” The source also told Nicosia that Wallace was “telling anyone that will listen [that] he wants” Chris Cuomo's former time slot.

    Wallace made the announcement that he would quit Fox News for CNN+ in December of last year, stating that he was looking forward to the “new freedom.” “I am thrilled to join CNN+. After decades in broadcast and cable news, I am excited to explore the world of streaming,” he added. “I look forward to the new freedom and flexibility streaming affords in interviewing major figures across the news landscape–and finding new ways to tell stories. As I embark on this adventure, I am honored and delighted to join Jeff Zucker and his great team. I can't wait to get started.”

    Wallace recently revealed to The New York Times that he quit Fox News when his colleagues “began to question the truth” regarding the riot that occurred at Capitol Hill. “I'm fine with opinion: conservative opinion, liberal opinion,” Wallace told The Times. “But when people start to question the truth–Who won the 2020 election? Was January 6 an insurrection?–I found that unsustainable.”


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