Activist Speaks Out Against Trans Women in Female Prisons


    Norsworthy, who was serving an indefinite sentence for killing a man in 1987, believes that males are using law enforcement for access to jailed women.

    “I didn't mean for this to happen,” Norsworthy said to REDUXX, the self-described magazine outlet during an interview. “My case in 2015 opened up a doorway [and] I am waiting for the states to apologize to women. I didn't mean for this to happen. Women are the most subdued people on the planet, all over.”

    While serving a term for murder within a male-only prison, Norsworthy was victimized by a vicious “hours-long gang-rape” in 2009, the outlet reported. After the incident, Norsworthy was identified by a prison psychologist with gender dysmorphia and decided to have a sex-change; however, she was refused to do so by the government of California.

    After the denial, Norsworthy brought a lawsuit against the state in 2014, and later prevailed after a judge directed the state to cover the surgery of an inmate who was denied, Breitbart News reported in 2015.

    Although he has been hailed as a “trailblazer” for “transgender inmate rights,” Norsworthy is concerned that the SB-132 – which permits male prisoners that self-identify as women to be sent to women's prisons – could affect female prisoners' security. Norsworthy told the media that he believes the law was passed because of “powerful trans activist organizations.”

    Norsworthy stated that the law was linked with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) that is designed to safeguard transgender prisoners from abuse of a sexual nature.

    Norsworthy claimed he has connections to the majority of inmates he knows; he also said “not one of them has anything in their file that says they'd been a victim of sexual assault.”

    In addition, he informed the publication that the first 10 male inmates who were who were transferred to California Central Women's Facility were placed in solitary confinement because they were seeking to establish sexual relations with female prisoners. The insiders told him that male transferees should cease pursuing “transition.”

    “The moment they arrived they stopped their hormones or didn't want the surgery anymore … Why?” Nosworthy stated. “Because they wanted their penises to work.”

    Norsworthy has told Reduxx that there are efforts underway to pursue a thorough review and possibly a rewrite of SB-132, which would allow female prisoners and women's rights groups an opportunity to sit in the room. Norsworthy added that trans individuals are growing in powers which “stomps on women's rights.”

    “I am sick and tired of having more power and right to be a woman than a woman who was born a woman,” Norsworthy stated in the piece.


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