Actor Owen Wilson’s Pricey Tires and Rims Were Pilfered in L.A.


    Owen Wilson, the Zoolander star, reported to police that his Tesla’s $4,000 rims and tires were stolen overnight at his Los Angeles mansion. He discovered the tires missing early the next morning, TMZ reported. The area police told TMZ that they are investigating the incident as a case of grand theft. They will then begin contacting the 53-year-old actor's neighbors to determine whether they have any security videos that could provide insight into the theft.

    The crime rate is rising in Los Angeles, so much so that it has affected nearby communities, such as Santa Monica, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, and other sunny regions. Even though Santa Monica is usually ranked as one of the safest cities in California, residents of the L.A. suburb were shocked to see it make the list of the cities that are least safe in California this year.

    Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has faced fire and a recall campaign amid the recent spike in crime. Car theft is increasing in the region, too. In the past year, police from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department said that thefts of vehicles increased 17 percent over the 2020 rate, as reported by the Daily Mail. The LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) has also recently warned that gangs are currently attacking the residents of L.A.'s richest neighborhoods during burglaries and even tracking people out of local shops and robbing them on the streets.

    Wilson recently wrapped up filming for Season One of Marvel Studios' Loki and is set to appear in the movie Secret Headquarters, in which an aspiring teen begins to question whether the father of his family is actually a superhero after he finds a mysterious cave underneath the family's home.


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