Amazon Employees Seek Pause in Work to Grieve in Pro-Life States


    Posted via Libs of TikTok, the letter seemed to urge the company to adopt “immediate and decisive action against the threat to basic human rights with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

    “As part of Amazon's wide-reaching efforts toward a more inclusive and diverse workforce, we believe that Amazon cannot let this recent decision go unanswered,” the letter stated. “We ask Amazon, the world's best employer, to actively defend against this assault on our liberty.”

    The letter continued to offer an array of (often humorous) ideas on how the company could better encourage the issue of abortion and, even though the authors acknowledge it, “some ideas bear a larger business risk than others,” they believed that the “unprecedented times” require the firm to “think big to change the world.” The ideas:

    1.) Make use of Amazon's voice to publically and unambiguously condemn this decision [to overturn Roe V. Wade].

    2.) Let workers of every gender time and space to grieve, voice their displeasure, and demonstrate against this violation of our rights.

    3.) Create a protest organized by the company to show support for Amazon employees.

    4.) Donate and match bail funds and help organizations working to increase abortion options for pregnant women and women affected in all states. 

    5.) Extend remote-based work opportunities, allowing employees to move into states that prefer to safeguard their rights as a human being.

    6.) Remove and audit products that deceive consumers about the truth about abortion or promote violence or hatred towards abortionists.

    7.) Examine all political contributions and immediately stop contributions to political groups that oppose abortion, such as but not limited to RGA as well as the RSLC as well as the NRSC as well as all other contributions to campaigns against abortion.

    8.) Adopt a policy change across the company in the future so that Amazon doesn't support or endorse anti-abortion causes such as ideologies, groups or public figures, for example, through donation or product sales, public statements, or any other means.

    9.) Stop operations in states which enact laws and policies that harm the lives and freedoms of women seeking abortions by refusing health care in life-threatening circumstances, or by criminalizing abortion patients and their providers.

    Amazon has joined Dick's, Citigroup, Yelp, Uber, Lyft, Bumble, Match Group, and Salesforce in a promise to cover employees' expenses if they require an abortion.

    “Amazon became the latest corporation to cover employees' travel costs to seek abortion care,” CNN published in May. “The company told staff it would pay up to $4,000 in travel expenses annually for medical treatments including abortions, according to a message seen by Reuters.”


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