Amber Heard Wants Johnny Depp to Let the Jury Decide if He is Truly a Victim of Domestic Violence


    “See what the jury and judge thinks,” Heard, Depp's ex-wife, states on the recording. “Tell everyone around you, Johnny and tell the world “Johnny Depp I as a man, am also a victim from domestic violence' See the number of people who believe or support you.”

    In another portion of the recording Depp can be heard saying “Amber, I lost a f*** finger, man, come on. I had a f**** jar — a can of mineral spirits thrown at my nose.”

    The remarks made by Depp on the tape are in response to an allegation that the Pirates of the Caribbean star made in the defamation trial, in which he claimed Heard had shot bottles of vodka into his face during a heated argument. This resulted in the middle of his finger getting cut open by broken glass.

    Other shocking allegations Depp made about Heard in court this week included the claim she, or one of her close friends, had urinated on their bed following an argument during which he claimed that he would leave her.

    Heard also says, “Stop hitting me, Johnny!” when he was just 20 feet from her.

    Additionally, Heard's lawyer said in court this week that she carried a Milani Conceal + Perfect All-in One Correcting Kit throughout the duration of her “entire relationship” with Depp and suggested that Heard utilized the kit to conceal the injuries she suffered from the alleged physical abuse that Depp gave out.

    The cosmetics company, Milani, however, responded to the comments of Heard's lawyer by disproving the claims by stating that the kit of makeup mentioned did not exist at all during her time with Depp.

    Depp is the one who is suing Heard for defamation, claiming that a piece in 2018 she wrote for The Washington Post — in which she spoke of herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” — has hurt his career in film.

    The actor who has denied the allegations of sexual abuse, is seeking $50 million in defamation suits to cover the harm caused to his profession. Heard is suing back for $100 million.


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