Amber Heard’s Photographic Evidence in Johnny Depp Defamation Trial Was Doctored, According to Metadata Expert


    A metadata expert argued that photos of her bruised face that Amber Heard exhibited during Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against her were edited. Bryan Neumeister explained that the two photos Heard shared in the trial were “the same photo treated two different ways, one was marked with the original operating system from an iPhone, which is iOS 9.3.1 on that particular photo. The second photo is marked ‘photos 3,' and it looks quite a bit different,” the metadata expert said. “It's the photos 3.0 edit version.”

    In his testimony, Neumeister addressed a different group of photos displayed by Heard and stated, “They are two separate exhibits, except it's the exact same photograph that's been…–one's been edited—the colors have been modified in an editor.”

    Neumeister's evidence pointing to the editing of multiple photographs came after Heard was caught altering her testimony on the witness stand regarding the issue of when the photographs were taken. The actress admitted to taking numerous photos of her injured face that day, with different lighting conditions. She said, “The apartments have really different lighting–really dark in some places–so we just took pictures in different lighting so that we had an accurate portrayal and depiction of what had happened.”

    The following day, however, Heard admitted the photos were probably taken on different days and told Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, during cross examination that she was unsure whether the photos of her face were actually shot on the exact same day. Vasquez added that she noticed that the Aquaman actress was sporting various necklaces in one of the photos.

    The following day, British model Kate Moss also took the witness stand and claimed Depp had never pulled her down a flight of stairs, in contrast to claims Heard had previously made at the time of the trial.

    The Pirates of the Caribbean star has denied ever striking Heard. He is suing his ex-wife for $50 million for alleging she was the victim of domestic violence in her 2017 Washington Post piece, identifying herself as the victim of domestic abuse and damaging his film career.

    Final arguments for this trial, which began on April 1, are set to begin on May 27.


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