American Public Schools Following Chairman Mao’s Blueprint by Militarizing Students in the Cultural Revolution


    Zhang Hongbing was 14 years old when the Cultural Revolution began to sweep China in 1966. Even though China's Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had already been in power for more than two decades, Chairman Mao still held the opinion that capitalism's influence was prevalent in China. He decided to completely change the way history was written and the entire education system.

    School instruction changed from teaching science and math to activism. Students were encouraged to locate and then punish “revisionists” who sought to slow the progress of the revolution, including their own parents and teachers. Zhang's father was denigrated as a “capitalist roader” (which was a very demeaning phrase in the era). Zhang participated in numerous “struggle sessions,” during which his father was beaten and humiliated. After two years, Zhang thought he heard his mother engage in a “micro-aggression” in a tacit way by slamming Mao's chairman. When he confronted her, the dispute became so heated that Mao's photo was ripped off the wall and then burned. Zhang then went to the town's Red Guards to denounce his mother.

    Later, Zhang recalled, “I thought this wasn't my mother. It wasn't even a person. Then she suddenly turned into an animal.” Zhang called for his mother to be shot as a counter-revolutionary. She was publicly executed after being brutally tortured.

    This was not a singular incident. It took place all over China on a massive scale. One student in seventh grade, for instance, used a club against his friend’s father to kill him due to an infraction against the culture. Students could not stay in the revolution and not take part. You were either part of the purge or risked being “purified” by the authorities.

    This is the foundation of the present-day Social Justice movement. A case in point: A Washington DC elementary school recently organized the “Anti-Racism Fight Club” for pupils as young as five years old. It's the same school that approved the “BLM at School” curriculum, which includes gems such as “Introduction to Transgender and Non-binary Identities” for pre-kindergarteners aged 3-4 years old. (Remember that the president of the American Federation of Teachers says that it's a “right-wing conspiracy theory” that this is being taught in schools.)

    The principal of the school gave parents an electronic copy of the “fistbook” (instead of a handbook), which students were given during the course of instruction.

    The fistbook starts shrewdly; however, it suddenly goes off the track. On the ninth page, it requires youngsters (again at age five) to conduct “true soul-searching” to answer “where do you see racism in yourself?” The book provides the reason why it's not a good idea for people to consider themselves “colorblind”–i.e., why it's wrong to judge people based on their characters rather than the shades of their complexion. On the fourteenth page, the fistbook asks students, “Who in your family has racist beliefs?” Naturally, “racist beliefs” are defined as anything that is contrary to the fistbook's message. If you hold a different opinion, it's a racist opinion that should be condemned.

    This is straight from Mao's handbook: Force children to recognize their families as the adversaries to advancement.

    The book ends with a promotional ad for Phase 2 of their training: “Throat Punching Racism In Schools”. The author is presumably referring to “mostly peaceful” throat punching. (Fortunately, it's true that the Department of Justice [DoJ] is concerned only with “violent rhetoric” coming from angry parents who don't want their children being slammed with this type of propaganda. The author is, therefore, safe from scrutiny by the authorities.)

    It's amazing that teachers do not teach children to be open, tolerant, and accepting of all. In reality, they're teaching children to be intolerant. They're teaching them that the best way to resolve problems isn't with reasoning, logic, or the work of a lifetime, but through doing something “loud, uncomfortable, confrontational.” (This sounds a lot like being a bully. Which is, paradoxically, the kind of thing that schools are teaching their students not to be.)

    The positive side is that there are strategies to address this. Every school district is distinct. You may also find that the next town has a completely different set of standards. This was evident during the COVID pandemic, in which nearby counties were often plagued by completely different healthcare protocols. If you have the capability, homeschooling is permitted across the United States and in many other countries around the globe, which means you can totally eliminate the influence of public schools. In addition, plenty of angry parents are taking over their local boards of education by running for elections and then winning with massive landslides.

    But let’s not make this something bigger than it really is. It's not our suggestion that our school system is training students to kill their parents as they did in Mao's Cultural Revolution. But it's naive to believe that there won't be lasting, long-term consequences of the existence of an education system that aims to create Mostly Peaceful Throat Punching Revolutionaries instead of engineers and scientists.


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