America’s Hungry Babies Demand to Know When They Will Get Some Formula


    The New York Times reported Tuesday: “A Baby Formula Shortage Leaves Desperate Parents Searching for Food.” The article that followed was once impossible to find in America. On Wednesday, new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked who at the White House was the “running point” regarding the issue of the baby-formula shortage. She had no idea.

    Instead, she told journalists that she was confident that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was rushing to make sure that the formula was “safe.” The FDA blamed “Abbott's voluntary recall of infant formula products,” which was announced after four infants were admitted to hospital, and two of them died. However, there's no evidence of a link to the formula, as per the FDA. (The White House cannot get its message straight. On Monday, the press director, Jen Psaki, said the FDA had “issued” the recall.)

    In the meantime, mothers in desperate need are contemplating their options: searching for hours for formula in the supermarket or trying to get back into breastfeeding or make their own substitutes that the government has warned mothers not to try. They will be faced with not being able to feed hungry, anxious, and crying infants who have no idea why their mothers, who have cared for them throughout their short lives, are suddenly dropping their food.

    If this had been the situation under the Trump Administration, reporters would have demanded answers. They would have demanded that the president use the Defense Production Act, as they insisted during the initial days of the pandemic. And Trump would have taken the lead.

    Former advisor Stephen Miller argued, “There'd of course be no formula shortage if 45 were in office. But pretending there was: he'd have instantly issued [executive orders], brought formula CEOs to Oval Office for public mtg, held Cab Mtg to break all logjams, told FDA head fix or be fired, made all staff work overtime till SOLVED.” The only thing Biden does is pass the blame, even though he promised voters in 2020 that “I'll take responsibility instead of blaming others.”

    Biden admits that it's an outrage that Americans are hungry. He yelled out during his speech that he delivered on Wednesday, “Remember those long lines you'd see in a television and people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk?” He also said that the “MAGA crowd” wanted to overlook the homeless.

    Don't forget that Trump sent Americans stimulus checks; the government halted student loans and rent and also gave businesses billions of emergency loans, while Democrats put in place mandates and lockdowns.

    We're facing another hunger crisis that affects those who are the most vulnerable in our society. It's not enough for a recall to be blamed. Americans would like Biden to take action. However, he's letting his children go hungry.


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