Amy Schneider Wins on Jeopardy Again


    Amy Schneider, a man who claims to be a woman, has taken home the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions less than one year after his remarkable forty-game winning streak.

    Schneider was an engineer and won the entire event on Monday, after winning three games and placing $13,000 in the “Final Jeopardy” challenge for the winning score of $28,600 in the final game, as per People.

    “I feel amazing,” the 42-year-old Schneider stated after the win. “Earlier during the championships I had this awe-inspiring feeling of seeing myself, and thinking “I'm in the Tournament of Champions finals, it was awe-inspiring. And I was crowned the winner! It's a great feeling.”

    Schneider took on software designer Andrew and associate professor of operations research Sam Buttrey in the Tournament of Champions. Schneider had earlier played during season 38 on Jeopardy! in which he ended his five-game winning streak.

    “I both wanted to [compete against Him] and was afraid of facing him again,” Schneider declared in an interview. “I knew that he was among the best athletes in the sport. He was certainly someone I was certain could beat me, as he was close to doing it before and did it several times in this match too.”

    “Any of the three of us really could have won if a very small number of things had gone differently,” he said. “I'm glad we got a really fair chance to test our skills against each other, and I'd love to play him again someday, somehow.”

    Even though Schneider is a male, the media has praised Schneider for being “the the most popular female participant in Jeopardy! history” with her record-breaking 40-game win streak. Ken Jennings still holds the record for the most wins, with a total of 74 wins.

    Schneider was the first transgender contestant on Jeopardy! to make it to this year's “Tournament of Champions”, winning 10 games in a row after winning $380,200. In a prior Twitter post, Schneider, stated that he was looking to be recognized by “other things” and did not want to be branded solely because he was transgender.

    “I didn't want to make too much about being trans, at least in the context of the show,” Schneider wrote Schneider. “I am a trans woman, and I'm proud of that fact, but I'm a lot of other things, too!”

    “The reality is that I don't really consider myself trans very often. So when I appeared on television I wanted to present the part of me that I identify with precisely: as significant however, it was also a bit minimal. However, I wanted it not to appear like it was something that was a shameful secret.”


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