Ann Coulter: Dem Nightmare: What If the War Ends Before November?


    The media is excited about the possibility of nuclear war between Russia and China. The media loves the possibility of nuclear war with Russia.

    They’ve kept dragging out the COVID panic porn two years in a row. The only ones still interested in pandemic updates now are the hysterical liberal Manhattan women who claim to have “long-haul” COVID.

    The national pastime has evolved seamlessly from watching TV anchors cry about the coronavirus to watching the same TV anchors weep about what will happen to Ukrainian children.

    When American children are killed because of the policies of our government, the journalist protocol is: No crying.

    No tears will be shed for the Florida five-year-old girl who was killed by Ernesto Lopez Morales, an illegal Guatemalan alien. He drank six 32-ounce beers and then drove into the mother and the little girl as he tried to get more beer.

    Adrienne Sophia Exum from Texas was also killed when Heriberto Fuerte Padilla, an illegal Mexican alien, crashed into her car and fled the scene. Even more news: The Biden Administration announced Fuerte Padilla would not be deported.

    There will be no sorrow for the unidentified mother and daughter, aged 59 and 22, who were killed by a human smuggler last December carrying six illegals across the Texas border, drove through a stop sign, and T-boned them.

    It's possible that it's just an accident, but the obsessive media focus on Ukraine is great for the Democratic Party's interests. Remember that Tim Groseclose, then-UCLA professor, demonstrated in Left Turn’s “How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind” (2012) that media bias costs Republicans 8 to 10 percentage points in elections.

    That was 2012! It is hard to imagine what it will be like in 2022 after Donald Trump's victory. We could return to 2012's junior varsity media bias!

    The Democrats faced midterm elections before the war in Ukraine. They had spent two years mandating the use of masks and an interminable series of vaccinations, even for those who were already vaccinated. Democrats opened the border to illegal-alien killers, drug dealers, gang members, welfare recipients, and other criminals.

    Democratic district attorneys have transformed cities into feces-smeared murdertopias that make Charles Bronson’s Death Wish look like The Sound of Music.

    Today, the main casus belli of the left is teaching children about transgenders, anal sex, and the inherent evils of white people.

    What could Stalin's media do to that record?

    Option 1: Implement a collective mind-wipe, possibly using an electromagnetic pulse to wipe out voters' memories of all that has happened since Joe Biden was elected.

    Option 2: WAR! (Somewhere else in the world.)

    What crisis at our border? We are reporting on a war. How can you talk of murder rates when CHILDREN ARE DYING IN UKRAINE?

    What vaccine mandates? COVID is finished. We're now talking about war.

    Putin is responsible for all the bad things that are happening! He is like Hitler!

    Talk about Russian collusion! Putin sent Trump Facebook ads. He's now giving Biden a military invasion.

    The media has whipped the public into a frenzy about Ukraine. A majority of Americans want the U.S. to start shooting down Russian aircraft, beginning World War III with a nuclear-armed power.

    It's a small price to pay to ensure Democratic dominance.

    However, just like American military interventions all over the world, things don’t always go according to plan. Perhaps the media assistants for Democrats might recall President George H.W. Bush. Gallup ranked Bush's 1991 favorable rating of 89 percent as the highest-ever presidential approval rating.

    These staggering numbers were a result of the end of the Persian Gulf War. We went to war against Saddam Hussein after he invaded Kuwait, violating its sacred sovereignty–and went on to commit horrific war crimes, including the use of poison gas. Bush's poll numbers rose from 64 to 82 percent in the first week of that war.

    Republicans held the presidency for the next year. He was unable to be challenged by any serious Democrat, so the party elected an Arkansas hick as their nominee.

    Then it all fell apart. Bush's public approval rating had fallen to a pitiful 34 percent by Election Day 1992. Bush ended up being an embarrassing president for one term.

    At least the military side of things was at peace with the Middle East. Hussein never came out again. Wait, what happened?


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