Anti-Semitic Bar Patron in Chicago Charged with Hate Crime After Hurling Insults and a Drink at Bartender


    The Assistant State's Attorney Loukas Kalliantasis of Cook County, Illinois, told the media that Sara Abdulrasoul, 30, had thrown a glass at the female bartender of The Underground last year after discovering that she had Jewish ties, CWB Chicago reported.

    Based on Kalliantasis’s report, Abdulrasoul, who is a paid pharmacist, verbally attacked the bartender and declared that she'd be a “ho” in her home country. Abdulrasoul is said to have used “offensive language” to assail the bartender, demanding that the bartender remove her Star of David necklace.

    The bartender informed officials that she had told her assailant that she had attended school in Israel but that Abdulrasoul continued to use “derogatory” language, even when the bartender attempted to calm the issue by apologizing and declaring that she did not intend to offend anyone. However, Abdulrasoul insisted that she “hates Jews,” whom she described as murderers. Then she threw a drink at the bartender.

    Abdulrasoul left the bar before security arrived; however, surveillance footage helped determine the woman’s identity. The bartender later recognized her in the police line-up. Chicago prosecutors charged Abdulrasoul with one count of committing a hate crime. She was released on her own recognizance.


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