Argentina’s Goalie’s Tasteless Gesture with the World Cup Golden Glove Award an Unfortunate Follow-up to a Great Play


    After taking home this year's World Cup Golden Glove Award in Qatar this past weekend, Argentina's goalie, Emiliano Martinez, placed the hand-formed trophy on his crotch and pumped, which shocked the entire stadium.

    A Fox Sports journalist could be heard murmuring, “No, don't do that, Emi. Don't do that,” after he was presented with the award, the New York Post reported.

    Martinez was the most significant player for Argentina in the final World Cup match against France, making a fantastic save in extra time as well as a penalty save to secure the victory for Argentina.

    The 30-year-old athlete was seen crying tears of joy after the final score was announced on Sunday. But the tears were dry soon enough, and he had extra time to play after he took ownership of the Golden Glove trophy.

    Qatari officials haven't made any comments about the disrespectful act; however, it's unlikely that a country that has outlawed homosexuality and has warned World Cup fans not to engage in sexual relations in the country is going to be overly happy about the player’s gesture.

    Martinez made what's been described as the “greatest save of all-time” with just a few seconds remaining in the clock and the score tied at 3-3.

    A lot of people will probably hope that his follow-up with the trophy, however, is something that everybody soon forgets.


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