Arizona Delivery Driver Snaps Picture of Suspect Before Being Killed


    Pamela Rae Martinez, 60, who was driving slowly, left the road in the vicinity of the 6100 West Bell Road in Glendale prior to 7:15 p.m. on the 11th of June and was discovered “in distress” and was “non-responsive,” per a Glendale Police Department (GPD) press announcement. After police made their way into the automobile, Martinez was pronounced dead on the spot.

    The day before Martinez's death, she made her final delivery through UberEats. A witness claimed to have seen the delivery driver standing in the street near a van, with a man seated outside her vehicle. The man was then identified later by the name Rusty French, 62, and was seen entering his car and driving away after which Martinez left the roadway within a short time.

    In the course of Martinez and French's interaction she was able to take photos on her mobile phone of the man. The photo was used by police to identify him to be an incriminating subject of their inquiry.

    Martinez and French were not acquainted with one another, and she was not feeding him according to the police.

    After police executed the search warrant on French's home on June 15th, the suspect admitted that he was in the photo, however the suspect “blacked out” on what was happening during the event.

    In the course of their search, officers discovered a variety of handguns at French's house which was later discovered as “a ballistic match for the handgun that was used in the shooting.”

    “French was arrested on June 23, 2022, for one count of second degree murder and booked into jail,” according to the GPD.

    He is being held in custody, and his bond is cash-only and worth $2 million, Fox 10 reported.


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