Arkansas Marijuana Effort Bolstered by Leftist Money


    Conservatives are taking on the big money-hungry leftist effort advocating marijuana legalization in Arkansas in the same way that the legalization party spent millions of dollars during the week leading up to the elections.


    The state's voters will decide whether or not to approve Issue No. 4. This is an amendment designed to legalize marijuana use in the state. Particularly, it's an amendment to “authorize the possession, personal use, and consumption of cannabis by adults, to authorize the cultivation and sale of cannabis by licensed commercial facilities, and to provide for the regulation of those facilities.”

    According to recent reports, the side for legalization generated millions to support their efforts. They also invested a staggering amount of $12 million during the week preceding the election. 

    Despite the left's massive budget efforts, conservatives appear to be winning in the sense that support for massive legalization has waned in recent months, after rising during the summer.

    For instance, 54% of potential Arkansas voters favored the possibility of legalizing marijuana for people aged 21 or over. The number grew in September, when the majority of people indicated they would support Issue 4, which legalizes the personal and private usage of marijuana for adults. Only 29 percent opposed it, while 13 percent were undecided.

    As Election Day has approached, politicians and organizations opposed to the proposal have spoken more strongly. For instance, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R), in September, announced that he would vote “NO” on the issue due to the rising increase in recreational marijuana that leads to a rise in drug use by minors.

    “The research is conclusive. Recreational marijuana can lead to an increase in usage by minors and more hazardous roads. In November, I'm going to vote not to support Issue 4 in order to allow recreational marijuana use in Arkansas and I hope that you'll vote with me.” the politician said.

    Other noteworthy Arkansas leaders have also spoken about Issue 4 as well.

    “Following the lead of California on marijuana is a bad idea for Arkansas. Visit to see the problems with Issue 4–more crime, more addiction, and more traffic fatalities. I'm voting NO on Issue 4 and I hope you do too. #ARPX,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said:

    “Help to protect Arkansas from the risks associated with recreational marijuana. TODAY to find out the TRUTH about Issue 4. Consider making a donation to support the issue, however, also tell your loved ones to not vote for Issue 4.” former governor. Mike Huckabee (R) said. 

    Many Democrats oppose the plan in the belief that it would “control of our state's marijuana industry to a small number of companies, limiting competition and potentially meaning higher prices for patients and consumers”

    Famous hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg, unsurprisingly, has utilized his platform to urge states to make marijuana legal:

    Since September, polls have been shifting to the right. A Talk Business and Politics-Hendrix College Survey showed support for Issue 4 dropping to 51%, down from 59% the month before. A recent Arkansas poll found the support of Issue 4 falling to 41 percent, with the vast majority of people, 59 percent, opposed to the issue.


    “Arkansans understand that Issue 4 is a crony political measure that writes the marijuana industry into our state constitution,” Jerry Cox, executive director of the Family Council Arkansas Action Committee stated, adding that “law enforcement does not support this measure.”


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