As Kim Jong-Un Buries Mentor, He looks for Sympathy


    Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) is covering the news they never imagined they'd be sharing with the world and also one they didn't want to. Kim Jong Un's former mentor Hyon Chol-Hae passed away due to numerous organ malfunctions. The loss has put Kim into a state of desperation as he looks for answers.

    As KCNA has revealed, Kim and North Korea together are struggling with losing Hyon however, but also with their first COVID cases since the pandemic swept across all over the world 2 years ago. Due to the potential for COVID to lead to organ failure and organ failure, it's possible that this is the reason why Kim has decided to now publicly acknowledge the fact that North Korea hasn't been able to keep COVID from entering the country. The loss of a close friend could push the majority of people to the brink of death.

    Hyon served as a marshal well-known for his role as the bodyguard of Kim Jong-un's grandpa in his time during the Korean War, and as a result held a high job as a marshal in the Korean military. Hyon is also credited with being responsible for the development of Kim Jong-Un while was preparing to assume the throne as the head of North Korea. In light of all he intended for North Korea, it's no surprise that Kim was devastated by his passing.

    Carrying the coffin with a stone-face, Kim did not wear a mask, lightly touching the coffin before digging and placing sand on top of it. He was visibly upset with grief. Afterward, he had a meeting with his close circle of Politburo Presidium, but no issues of discussion were established.

    There is a lot of speculation that Hyon was the main reason for keeping Kim in check from attempting to strike South Korea, Japan, and the US. In the wake of his death, there remain many unanswered questions regarding how the country will proceed with North Korea as well as the mental security of Kim without Hyon at his side. They have shared an intense relationship for the entirety of his existence and his high-ranking job in the military speaks highly of his place in the government.

    As if that would make him less likely to die, Kim has been waging an offensive against COVID by means of lockdowns and restraints throughout his hermit state. Although he is frequently not wearing a mask, this helps keep the image of him as an eminent figure being constructed among his citizens. The country is in turmoil and 2.8 million people have contracted the disease however, only a number of people have died from COVID at the hands of North Korea. While this isn't going to bring Hyon back, however it should let Kim to rest in the night knowing that he's performed his best.

    It is clear that the North Korean government has been an ineffective government of various proportions from the time that the Korean War ended. At first, there was some hope for it and its objectives but over the past 40 years it's gone downwards. The regime's failure began with a slow start, it has been speeding up as time went on, and today the regime is beginning to spiral into a tailspin it is not likely to overcome.

    The past two years have brought the nation from having a limited trade to not having any. Food that was brought in is now gone and they do not have the climate and resources to become fully self-sufficient. As a whole, the people of North Korea are losing out each time they attempt to take action. They are currently unable to accurately check for COVID as they have rejected numerous requests for vaccinations.

    There's a tiny silver lining in this situation. It might force Kim to acknowledge that he's not succeeded and that the last seventy-nine years keeping the people from the outside world isn't enough. Although it is unlikely, the likelihood increases with the reality examination COVID has handed the regime.


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