Asylum-Seeking Romanians Using Putin as Their Excuse to Cross U.S. Border


    Many Romanians and a few Russians have crossed the southern U.S. border, sources have claimed, in order to gain access to President Joe Biden's extensive “Catch and Release” network, through which border crossers are temporarily captured before being bused and transferred to areas within the U.S. interior. The sources claimed that Romanians are seeking asylum, asserting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invaded their country in addition to Ukraine.

    “One family of six showed up last week claiming that Putin is invading Romania,” a source told Breitbart News. “It sounds like they're coached. They have passports and birth certificates when usually migrants have none of that with them.”

    “They want the fast track to immigration,” another source claimed. The source further stated that for at least the past calendar year, Romanians have been arriving at the border every day. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the leader of a Republican team visiting the border just a few weeks ago, added that “obviously, there is no credible fear in Romania.”

    In the same way, the Wall Street Journal reported that Brazilians are seeking to make use of Biden's Catch and Release network by creating “phony families” and using children as meal tickets into the U.S. interior. “Kids are a guarantee that you can get in here, it's as if they were visas,” one border-crossing person who resettled in Massachusetts stated. A woman, Ms. Oliveira, had long wanted to relocate to America, but a travel arrangement created by smugglers would cost her around $8,000, she claimed. In an agreement with smugglers, a Mr. Silva agreed to pay $3000 toward Ms. Oliveira's cost in exchange for the right to pretend to be Maria's father at the border, according to a report from Ms. Oliveira and Brazilian police.

    Sources from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have stated that they're merely providing the “Uber service” for border crossers and illegal immigrants, releasing the majority of those in the U.S. border area into American communities, with the assistance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). “We're like a full-service travel agency,” one source said.

    In a privately circulated plan, the Biden Administration outlined “broadscale release mechanisms” for border crossers and illegal immigrants. Biden's Catch and Release network has let foreign migrants enter the U.S. interior in numbers higher than the populations of a number of major American cities. Between February 2021 and March 2022, the Biden Administration granted entry to more than 836,000 border crossings and illegal aliens into the U.S. Interior, more than the entire populations of North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, and Vermont.


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