“Band of Brothers” Dog Tags Found in the UK 78 Years after D-Day


    The Emmy-winning miniseries based upon Stephen E. Ambrose's book from 1992, followed through the World War II experiences of the 101st Airborne Division's Easy Company, which was educated at Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England following its formation by the U.S.

    Dog tags were found in the area where paratroopers were stationed before entering the fight for liberation of France in June 1944. Deadline reported.

    One tag belonged to Carl Fenstermaker who served in Dick Winters' Easy Company. The other tag belonged to Richard A. Blake, who was also a paratrooper with the 101st. Both were discovered by a team led by the archeologist Richard Osgood.

    The search for the tags will be the basis of a documentary written by Dan Snow and called, Discovering the Band of Brothers, which will air on Little Dot Studios' owned History Hit this month.

    “World War II is an incredibly important and emotive period in history,” Snow declared in a statement “and it's only fitting that we highlight the brave men who gave their lives in order to defend their country and others. In the 78th year from D-Day I'm grateful that we have discovered more soldiers in”the Band of Brothers who deserve the recognition they deserve.”

    “Together with the 82nd Airborne, the division dropped more than 13,000 soldiers into occupied France early on June 6, 1944, with the task of blocking German troops from the beaches where seaborne troops were landing,” The Telegraph reported.

    The grandson of Paratrooper Fenstermaker, Andrew, said he was thrilled to hear about the discovery as Carl did not talk about his wartime service.

    “I was really excited to hear about what was found,” Andrew stated. “It's something that I'm excited to share with my dad and my aunt and uncles, all of his kids are still alive, so it'll mean a lot to them.”

    Easy Company fought through the Battle of Normandy and subsequent campaigns until the Allied forces took over Hitler's mountaintop retreat The Eagle's Nest, located in the Obersalzberg part of the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany. Following rumors that the company was heading to Japan, Easy Co. was exiled as their mission was over.


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