Barack Obama Caught Maskless as He Oversees Construction of His Multimillion-Dollar Mansion


    According to reports, Obama, who appeared to be standing outside, spoke with workers from Armstrong Builders, all of whom were wearing masks, unlike the former president:

    According to the Daily Mail, “Construction has been mired in controversy because the project used a planning loophole to retain a sea wall that is almost certainly causing beach erosion.”

    Ironically, Obama has moved forward with the construction of his multimillion-dollar beach mansion, despite his purported concerns over rising sea levels due to what he claims is climate change:

    “What makes climate change difficult is that it is not an instantaneous catastrophic event,” he said in 2016. “It's a slow-moving issue that, on a day-to-day basis, people don't experience and don't see.”

    That aside, while there is no outdoor mask mandate in Hawaii — only indoors — Obama's decision to forgo a mask in the presence of others who were wearing face coverings stands as yet another example of the hypocrisy of the elites, who continue to advocate for masks for the general public, including young children, but ditch them at their own convenience.

    For example, a photo of Georgia's Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams went viral over the weekend after she smiled gleefully, maskless, as she sat surrounded by masked-up elementary school children. Her campaign later revealed she removed her mask “on the condition that everyone around her was wearing face-coverings” — including children, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

    Similarly, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who has vowed to keep the city's children masked up in school, attended an event over the weekend, appearing maskless in a variety of settings, both outdoors and indoors.


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