BBC Journalist Mislabels a BB Gun as a Rifle


    A BBC journalist, Padraig Belton, misidentified a BB gun as a rifle with ammunition at a Walmart store. He also attached a picture of the “rifle and ammunition” in a tweet that was actually of a Red Ryder BB gun and BBs. There were also air guns in the picture, including some that appear to be able to shoot pellets.

    Amazon sells the same package as the Red Ryder BB gun that fires BBs at 350 feet per second. Walmart states in its promotion that Daisy 880, which is one of the other air guns in Belton’s photo, shoots one shot at an average speed of 800 feet per second. Sportsmans Warehouse notes that an actual rifle, similar to the highly coveted .223, can shoot at more than 3,000 yards per second.


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