Belgium Establishes Deportation Center for Fake Refugees


    The new center, which is located about six miles away from Brussels, was officially opened in the last week of August and was the very first of its type in the world for immigrants who have requested asylum with another European Union member-state. The Union's Dublin agreement regarding such migrants would permit Belgium to expel refugees to the initial EU member they join.

    There's room for 220 people in the new center that was constructed in order to ease the strain upon the Belgian asylum reception system which has been overwhelmed in recent months.

    The office of the newly appointed Secretary of State, Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor has stated that more than half of asylum seekers that arrive in Belgium had already been via another European Union member-state, the website of the European Union that is funded by the EU InfoMigrants has reported.

    “More than half the asylum seekers that arrive in Belgium have already been through another member state in the European Union. Last year, there were 11,000. Between the months of January and July in this year, the number is now at 8000,” the office stated.

    The majority of immigrants who are qualified for deportation in an additional European Union member-state under the Dublin accord are actually deported in the first place, according to InfoMigrants claim that the figure is just three percent.

    Belgia's Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (Fedasil) has faced difficulties in accommodating asylum seekers since the beginning of last year during the floods that caused major damage to reception centers and a lot of Belgians suffering from the flooding having to stay in the facilities themselves.

    Mass migration is the main driver of the growth of Belgium's population in 2021, with a report declaring that up to one-third of Belgium's population are now from migrant backgrounds.


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