Biden Classified Documents Are a Gift to Trump


    CNN reporter Jamie Gangel said Monday on “The Situation Room” that the fact that President Joe Biden had classified documents during his time as vice president in his private office was a political present to the former President Donald Trump.

    Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “In the interview on '60 Minutes' Biden conducted on the 18th of September 2022, one month or so before the classified documents were discovered in his personal office in Washington, Biden said “How could this happen? Who could be so irresponsible? This is what he told reporters at the time. Then they discovered the extremely sensitive classified documents that were stored in the private offices of his in Washington.”

    Gangel declared, “Look, I'm sure that he was referring to that. Also, it looks horrible when you look back because the documents are classified papers. We don't know what they were. We do not know the way they came to be there. We aren't sure who packed them. We're going to have to learn. We must know what's inside those classified papers. They're Top Secret, but how sensitive are they? Are there sources and techniques? Is the information current and could be risky or sensitive in the present? These are the questions we need to determine. That's what the Justice Department is looking at.”

    She also said “There's an important political aspect to this. Let's say, for a moment, that it was an accident or a mishap. This is the sort of unforced political error I'm not able to believe Donald Trump hasn't posted about yet. The president will do so soon. This is an act of political support for Trump as well as members of the House Republicans.”


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