Biden Criticized for Dismissing Trump’s Judicial Nominees


    As News said, a few of the dismissed judges have stated that they believe the dismissals are politically motivated and they believe that the Biden administration is looking for judges who support amnesty.

    The union addressed an open email to the Biden administration, stating that it was concerned about the transparency as well as the details of judges' explanations regarding the reasons they were fired. A majority of judges were dismissed after the two-year probationary period, when they typically are transferred into permanent positions.

    “The agency's refusal to provide any meaningful feedback and explanations as to why the judges were not retained contradicts the administration's position on labor and the value of good employer-employee relations,” the letter read. “In addition, the manner in which these judges were treated after being informed of their removals was also unprofessional and unbefitting their office.”

    “They deserved better,” the letter read.

    The letter also stated that the firings have an impact on the judge's morale.

    Fox News reported:

    There are 590 immigration judges. DOJ declares that the decisions made by civil service professionals in the career field which includes the immigration judge, are solely based on performance. The management they were employed by is not a factor in the decision-making process.

    Now, however now, the National Association of Immigration Review in a letter addressed to the EOIR, obtained by Fox reports, has requested a review of the actions taken by 3 judges removed “to ensure that they were taken in full compliance with the law and that the probationary evaluation processes comports with fundamental fairness and sound labor relations.”

    Fox News spoke to an unnamed judge, who was dismissed in a conference call that was “mere seconds.”

    “It's demoralizing. It's traumatizing. It's difficult to put one foot between the other after my embarrassing removal,” the judge said in a statement that his system was “more than just dysfunctional and corrupt. It's corrupt.”


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