Biden Is Losing Patience with Reporters over Poor Media Coverage, and It Shows


    President Joe Biden went off the record with reporters to vent about media coverage. The president spent the majority of his time ranting about the negative press coverage given to his administration, as per the Politico West Wing Playbook, citing “multiple people familiar” with the event.

    Biden was interviewed by reporters while he traveled to California to attend the Summit of the Americas, while some of the heads of the most notable Latin American countries refused to attend. The mainstream media has become increasingly skeptical about Biden's efforts to assist in reducing inflation, lowering the cost of gas, and resolving the shortage of infant formula that has plagued his administration. President Biden and his team were all abuzz about the strength of their “great” economy, even as polling shows public support for Biden continuing to decline. Biden reached a record low in the RealClearPolitics polls' average on Wednesday, with just a 39.7-percent satisfaction rating.

    To try to distract attention away from the president, White House staff brought out actor Matthew McConaughey on Tuesday to offer a new plea for gun control, following former President Barack Obama's remarks last week that the issue was a failure. Biden, who has refused to give interviews with journalists for more than 100 days, will attempt to win the respect of ABC's comedian and activist Jimmy Kimmel as he plans to record an episode that will air on Wednesday night.


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