Biden Out of Quarantine to Visit Delaware


    Biden has been isolating in the White House since his first positive Covid test on July 21st, which makes this the longest amount of time without a visit to Delaware since he entered the White House. 

    After his initial seven days of coronavirus isolation, the president again tested positive on the 30th of July.

    Doctor. Kevin O'Connor blamed “rebound” coronavirus, which is a symptom of his treatment with the antiviral medication Paxlovid. 

    The test result put him in isolation once again, and he canceled the planned trip home. His cough came back on August 1.

    First lady Jill Biden has remained in Delaware for the last two weeks, and the president is on his own with only company from his dog Commander.

    On Sunday afternoon, Biden tested negative for the virus. He was able to break free of the quarantine and took an excursion to his vacation house located in Rehoboth Beach.

    “I'm feeling good,” he said when leaving the white house. 

    It is his 48th trip to Delaware since assuming office.


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