Biden says resigning would be an “Good Idea”


    There has been a suggestion from numerous people in recent months that Democrat the president Joe Biden isn't up to the responsibility of leading our country. A lot of this is derived from the every gaffe and omission Biden makes during public appearances.

    A different reason could be that he's almost nothing to correct the problems that we as a nation are confronting, whether it's the huge number of immigrants that are entering our south-facing border, escalating gasoline prices, the rising inflation or the ongoing difficulties with the supply chain just to mention just a few.

    Instead of addressing these problems, it appears Biden is not too concerned about the whole thing, as demonstrated during the week he was asked to address the criticism.

    If you haven't heard, Biden held a press event on Tuesday to inform the American citizens regarding one of the biggest issues facing us today: inflation. But he didn't discuss inflation in any way.

    Instead, he spent his time by doing the normal… talking about nonsense and composing words.

    One reporter brought this topic up and specifically recalled some recent remarks Biden made regarding Florida senator Rick Scott, who had stated that Biden is unable to fulfill his duties. The reporter mentioned that Scott was quoted the same day that “the most efficient way Joe Biden can do to end the crisis of inflation which he has created is to quit his post. Biden is the cause.”

    And to prove Scott was right. Biden replied, “Resign? It's a good idea.”

    It is clear that Biden stated this without a slight humor.

    This only creates more problems Isn't that right?

    First, you need to realize that Scott's view of Biden's failings is not the only one he has. Indeed, several polls have shown how the vast majority of Americans aren't convinced that Biden can be mentally competent to fulfill the duties the man was supposed to perform.

    In the results of an ABC News and The Washington Post poll that was conducted in February, 54 percent Americans don't believe Biden is a man with his “mental sharpness to serve effectively.” Only 40% say Biden does.

    Furthermore the majority of US people polled believe Joe Biden can't be trusted during a time of crisis. A further 59 percent do not believe Biden is a leader who can be trusted and, consequently, isn't the type of leader America is in need of in the present.

    That means that the most of America isn't convinced that Biden is a competent leader and don't believe he's doing his job well as commander in chief. It's not just prominent GOP members such as Senator Scott. Indeed, one could consider that Scott is one of the people's Representatives, Scott is actually only making a statement about our concerns.

    Yet, Biden's sole response is humor, mocking people who have legitimate concerns regarding the leadership of our country.

    The reporter even allowed Biden an opportunity to respond more effectively. The reporter then repeated the same points as Scott's earlier remarks, including, “Joe Biden is unwell, he's unfit for office, he's incoherent, incapacitated and confused.”

    Biden's response to the issue was not exactly amusing. In fact, he did not defend himself and those concerns. Instead, he fired straight at Scott by saying, “I think the man has a problem.”

    And his president? Yes, certainly and so does the majority of America according to these polls. But Biden does not seem to be too worried about it, at least not as Biden should be.

    There's an opportunity that he does not realize that the majority of us don't feel very happy with his. If you believe that we're better off economically than we did two years, or even a year ago, then reality isn't even at the forefront of his mind. It's the person who believes that eliminating fossil fuels as soon as possible is the solution to world warming, or changing the climate whatever you'd like to call it.

    Whatever the scenario the message he's conveying does not help any of us believe in him any more. In November the two of them and their party will have to confront the truth.


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