Biden Tariff Makes for a China First Policy


    In a Sunday interview on Fox News Channel, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) attacked President Joe Biden's foreign policies as he considers cutting tariffs on Chinese products.

    Blackburn said on FNC's “Sunday Morning Futures” that Biden was implementing the “China First” policy and she questioned whether the son of Biden, Hunter, is handling talks. She warned President Biden that his China policy was a “national security issue.”

    “Why does Joe Biden continue to support policies that embolden the Chinese Communist Party and the axis of evil?” Blackburn asked.

    “I was in a meeting with a Tennessee wire producer this week. I asked ”Hey, do the tariffs benefit or harm?' They responded “Marsha, they stop China from dumping its goods into America.”' she said. “You must keep these. Also, send five million barrels of crude oil to China who also is receiving one million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I think this is risky. This is a security concern for the nation. This would make you believe that Hunter Biden is discussing these deals as Unipack is linked to a company Hunter has some sort of business with. This isn't true and many people are annoyed by this. It's a China First policy — not an America First policy. It must end.”


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