Biden Wants Airlines to Pay for Canceling Flights


    In the midst of airlines having a hard time implementing demands on manning for flights to be in the air in a timely manner, the Transportation Department under President Biden is becoming tired of delays. The complaints from passengers who miss flights or suffer in long delays because of staffing issues are rolling in. 

    Therefore, in their infinite wisdom, the Biden administration has decided that the best solution is to force airlines to pay for your inconvenience and time. The announcement was made on the 3rd of August. The new rule would require airlines to give passengers an opportunity to claim a refund if their flight schedule is altered in a significant way or if a substantial alteration to their schedule occurs due to the fault by the airlines. The new rules would take effect at three hours for domestic flights and six hours for international destinations.

    Other rules that define the impact of these changes are when an air carrier alters the airport you fly into or depart from or adds stops to your itinerary, or causes “a significant downgrade” in your journey by making use of a different type of aircraft. The rules will be applicable to all passengers, even those who have tickets that are nonrefundable. In light of the fear that many people felt about flying at the outbreak and the many cancellations and changes to flights when things reverted to normal, they feel that these changes may help.

    Due to the fact that airlines are more inclined to offer vouchers, not refunds, these new rules are not what they want nor are they in the best interests of long-term operations. Vouchers are still acceptable without expiration dates if people are unable to travel in the event of a pandemic because of health issues.

    Before anything can be implemented, there's an opportunity for public debate to be held, and the trade group for airlines, Airlines for America, has yet to make any comments.

    At present, the rules have been designed to force airlines to provide refunds to passengers on canceled or delayed flights, however they've never defined what a canceled flight or significant change is. They have therefore resisted the notion of having to provide refunds.

    The Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, issued an opinion on the issue. “When Americans buy an airline ticket, they need to arrive quickly, safely and with a reasonable price. The new rule proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration will ensure the rights of the passengers and ensure that they receive the prompt refunds they're entitled to from airlines.”

    Although complaints have increased sevenfold over the last year, with 87% of them being to request refunds, many are taking flights for convenience and speed over other modes of transport such as trains and road trips. The hassle of missing a flight due to traffic, having longer than normal screening times, and having to pay more for the same ticket is a superior choice for many Americans. Particularly in light of the current gasoline prices.

    With the period for consumer input running over 90 day,s visitors are able to contact them and make their voice heard. However, given the current flurry of media coverage, China's recently discovered rhetoric, and the mistakes made by the Biden office, it won't be in the headlines anytime soon.

    However, given the mess Buttigieg has caused in regards to transportation of all things in the US, it's an incredible move If it becomes law; it will just drive the cost of travel higher.

    Since taking office, Biden has led a nation that is experiencing massive changes and has faced challenges in overcoming the COVID pandemic. The robust economy, cheap gas prices, and affordable air travel is now replaced by recession, the inflated costs at gas stations, and the massive shortages of airlines.

    His mandates on vaccinations and efforts to make everyone take the vaccine are already taking a massive chunk of our military and has weakened the airlines. These actions he's trying to force on airlines are simply a result of his mistakes. If Pelosi had airline stock, this would not have been a thing.


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