Biden Wants Americans to “Stop” MAGA Republicans


    The president asked Americans to “stop” the Make America Great Again Republicans (MAGA), whom he claimed many times is a threat against democracy Thursday night in his “Soul of the Nation” prime-time speech.

    Much of the speech was focused on demonizing MAGA Republicans. One specific moment took it a step further as the president seemed to suggest that Americans should take on the role of dissociating with Trump supporters.

    The president made this comment after declaring MAGA Republicans were a direct threat to American democratic institutions.

    “MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution,” he said. “They do not believe in the rule of law, they do not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people.”

    “MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards,” he added. “Backwards to an America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy. No right to contraception. No right to marry who you love. They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence.”

    The president then urged Americans to oppose this dark and evil mentality. He described MAGA Republicans as the minority, even though 70 million voted for Donald Trump.

    “We are not powerless in the face of these threats,” he said. “We are not bystanders in this ongoing attack on democracy. There are far more Americans, far more Americans, from every background and belief, who reject the extreme MAGA ideology than those that accept it.”

    “And folks, it’s within our power, within OUR HANDS, yours and mine, to stop the assault on democracy,” he continued. “I believe America is at an inflection point. One of those moments that determines the shape of everything that is to come after. And now, America must choose, to move forward or move backwards. To build a future or obsess about the past. To be a nation of hope and unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division, and darkness.”


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