Biden’s DHS Upholds Plan to Give IDs to Illegal Aliens Prior to Release


    News recently reported that the Biden administration is looking into granting IDs to illegal immigrants after they have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. The aim is to make the process of obtaining public benefits easier when they are enter American communities.

    In a statement made to the Epoch Times, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have defended the program as a means of reducing costs to the organization. Every year illegal immigration costs American taxpayers over $143 billion.

    An ICE spokesperson said to that the Epoch Times:

    The pilot program from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is aimed at modernizing “documentation provided to some noncitizens,” an ICE spokesperson told The Epoch Times in an email on July 29. 

    “Currently, noncitizens receive paper documents from the federal government about their immigration status. Paper documents pose a security risk, are easily lost, and degrade rapidly in real-world use, creating inefficiencies for the government and noncitizens. Moving to a secure card will save the agency millions, free up resources, and ensure information is quickly accessible to DHS officials while reducing the agency’s FOIA backlog,” the spokesperson said.

    “For provisionally released noncitizens, the digital modernization will provide ongoing access to important immigration documents through the secure card and connected portal.” 

    This program would provide a huge growth of the Biden Administration's goal to transform the southern border crossings into a checkpoint for illegal immigrants, so that they could be temporarily detained and later released into American communities.

    Identification cards could guarantee that border crossers and illegal aliens are able to more easily travel around the U.S. and use public services with ease.

    From February 2021 through May 2022, Biden has released over 1 million border crossers as well as illegal aliens to the U.S. This is more than double the population of Wyoming and is more than that of Austin, Texas.

    The Biden administration is yet to reveal the number of border crossings and illegal immigrants allowed entry to the U.S. from June to July.


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