Bill Barr Thinks Prosecutors Will Indict Trump


    The former Attorney General Bill Barr said Friday on PBS's “Firing Line” that the Department of Justice seems to “have the basis for legitimately indicting” former President Donald Trump.

    Here is part of the transcript:

    BARR: When a president from the past has committed some crime, specifically an offense that is grave and is indicted for the crime. In the event that it is possible for the Department of Justice can show that these documents were in fact delicate documents which, I believe they most likely were, and prove that the president knew that he was engaged in deceiving the department and deceiving the government and playing games once he'd been served with a subpoena to inspect the documents, then those could be serious accusations. That's serious.

    Hoover: That's an incredibly serious crime?

    BARR: I've also said that I believe personally that they may have a basis to legitimately indict the president. I'm not sure, I'm making up my mind. However, given the events, I believe they have evidence to look into the box. They have the evidence.

    Hoover: And if they are able to get it, should they?

    BARR: It's a decision they will have to make. 

    Hoover If you had the position of AG would you?


    BARR: I'm not going to discuss that.

    Hoover Are you sure they do?

    BARR: I believe it's getting more likely.

    Hoover: Do you believe it would be appropriate to have them do it?

    BARR: This is the kind of thing that Attorney Generals are paid for, for these kinds of decisions. The argument against the same is that if you allow anyone like this to get away with it is able to prove that they are truthful and frank as they might be and let them escape. What can you do to protect the secrets? What can you do to ensure the government officials take this matter seriously? That's why this is a significant issue to consider in addition to the impact it could have on the nation and the presidency's office. I believe Merrick Garland will need to make the decision.


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