Blackburn: School Districts That Aren’t Open Should Give Funds to Keep Schools Open Back


    Host Larry Kudlow said, “I want a Reagan moment, just fire them, the way he fired the air controllers. Just fire these teachers, get rid of them.”

    Blackburn responded, “Well, and that is something that they should be doing. Looking for accountability, how about this? These school systems that took all of these billions of dollars to keep the classrooms open, if they are not keeping the classrooms open, give the money back. They have used that money to plus up bonuses to teachers, to buy equipment and things that had nothing to do with COVID. All of that is taxpayer dollar money. That is not federal government money. It has come out of the pockets of hard-working taxpayers and if that money is not going to be used to keep these children in school, then send the money back to D.C.”

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