Blackburn: You Can’t Call 1-800-Taliban to Vet Unvetted Afghan Evacuees, Only 3% of Evacuees Were Vetted SIV Holders


    On Monday's broadcast of the Fox Business Network's “Evening Edit,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said the evacuation of Afghanistan resulted in evacuating people who weren't vetted and trying to vet them on the back end, when there's no way to do so due to the disorder in Afghanistan, while only 3% of the evacuees were vetted under the process for special immigrant visas.

    Blackburn said, “[Y]ou have people bringing in — these men that are bringing in child brides. We have heard of these assault cases. We know that that indictment has been issued. We know the investigation is taking place on the attack on our female servicemember, and these are individuals who have not been vetted. There is a very specific vetting process for our special immigrant visa holders. But look, out of the people that they got out, that they were bragging about this as an extraordinary success, only 3% were visa holders, 3%. … And now, they're trying to vet them on the back end.”

    She added, “You cannot call 1-800 Taliban and find out if somebody is who they claim to be. Because your government institutions, your processes are basically nonexistent in Afghanistan. Because the Taliban's a terrorist group.”

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