Blake Masters Highlights Mark Kelly and Biden’s Poor Immigration Policy


    When responding to Matthew Boyle's questions about the massive surge of border crossings in September, Masters called out Kelly, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for “caus[ing] the crisis.”

    “What'd they think would be the outcome if they opened the border and prohibited our brave soldiers and officers of border guards as well as ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to deport anyone? They accepted illegal immigrants and encouraged them. “Come on. We will not deport you. We'll reimburse you in cash for hotel rooms and bus tickets, as well as plane tickets.”So yes, they caused the problem,” said Masters.

    “These are the most significant September numbers in recorded history. This is the most significant year-over-year total ever recorded. 2.4 million illegals who were arrested, isn't it? ICE isn't able to expel them, and those 2.4 million will remain,” he continued. “And then there were 600,000 getaways that we are aware of. What are the getaways we aren't aware of? In all, Joe Biden and Mark Kelly's policies allowed three million illegal immigrants into America in the past twelve months. I believe the proper quantity of illegal immigrants is zero. My adversary, Mark Kelly, thinks that the proper number of immigrants who are illegally residing in the country is 3 million annually. This is so absurd. These are open borders policies. They're illegal. They have to be stopped. In my opinion, all of those involved deserve to be fired because of this lapse in responsibility in the border region of the southern part alone.”

    Boyle asked the Trump-backed candidate what effect the massive increase in immigrants under the Biden Administration within such a short period could have on the nation's crucial society-wide systems, like public schools, hospitals, the overall economy, and what this could mean for the criminal justice system in America.

    “I mean, it's almost hard to know where to start,” Masters replied. “You have mentioned the hospitals and emergency rooms are being overrun. They don't have insurance and therefore the responsibility on their healthcare whenever they visit the emergency room is going to be on you, it's being borne by you, the American taxpayer. The schools you mentioned are overcrowded, but keep in mind that these people aren't only being brought in from Mexico. They're coming from 140 nations: Yemen, Bangladesh, the People's Republic of Georgia, and don't all have a native language of English or Spanish. What should teachers do when they have these children and then the class of 30-40 students is speaking 12 different languages? It's absurd.”

    “The whole border zone is a huge crime zone,” said the official. “The cartels are in control of operations. There's a humane aspect to this, naturally. Children and women who are smuggled by cartels suffer horrifically brutal treatment. The men are forced into some form of modern-day slavery indentured servitude. The number of crimes is increasing. The number of homicides in Phoenix has increased by 50 percent since 2019, while the number of homicides in Tucson has increased by 87% from the year before. Sometimes, these crimes are committed by illegal aliens, but sometimes they're not, but when they aren't, it's the lawlessness that's happening at the southern border. Everyone is aware that the government isn't just enforcers of the law. we're able to be able to get away with any crime, right? This minor crime escalates and then it turns into a serious crime. It's assault, rape kidnapping, murder, and carjacking.”

    The Republican Former vice president Mike Pence has called Masters one of the Republican Party's “brightest stars,” also noted that American taxpayers' money will be paying the cost for social programs designed to provide for those who are illegal, and also draw an interesting contrast between the way American veterans and military are treated.

    “And that's not just the economic burden, that is the economic burden for these visitors who receive money, mobile phones, and are placed into welfare plans. It's a burden on our system,” Masters explained. “And it's breaking down, and it hurts me as you drive by an open park that you will witness U.S. military veterans suffering homelessness, in dire need of medical services which they're not receiving. They were the fabric of our nation. They stood by and were willing to give up their lives to protect our country. We're not treating them like we treat the three million illegal aliens who have come into the country. Our priorities are backward and I'm not about to stop until we've got a secure border. It's insane the things that Joe Biden and Mark Kelly have done to us. They've transformed each county of America into an “exotic Border county.”


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