Blinken: Russian Invasion Will End with Independent Ukraine. No Vladimir Putin


    On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated on CNN's Situation Room that Russia's invasion in Ukraine would end with an independent Ukraine, not a successful Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Blinken stated, “I am confident that, first and foremost, there will be an autonomous Ukraine a lot longer than a Vladimir Putin.” Ukraine will be there regardless of what happens, and Putin will have no choice but to leave it. The extent of the death and destruction Russia's aggression causes in the interim is the real question. “We're doing that through the support we're providing Ukraine every single day. We're doing that by the pressure we're exerting against Russia every single day.” 

    Blinkin contended that the US was doing everything possible to prevent Russia from waging war on Ukraine, and he hoped the destruction and death wouldn't continue. “There's going to be a Ukraine, an independent Ukraine, a lot longer than there's going to be a Vladimir Putin. One way or the other, Ukraine will be there and at some point Putin won't.

    CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked, “So what's your message to Vladimir Putin?”

    Blinken stated, “Mr. Putin! Stop this war. Stop the unjustified aggression. We reviewed many months of giving President Putin appropriate off-ramps in order to stop this aggression from the beginning. He's always pressed the accelerator. The accelerator must be stopped. It is time to end the war.”


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