Blinken: There Are Real Concerns That Russia Could Use Chemical Weapons


    On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated on CNN's Situation Room that the United States is concerned about Russia using chemical weapons against Ukraine.

    CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked, “How real are the risks of this spiraling into a nuclear war?”

    Blinken stated, “Well, President Biden was very clear [about] one thing that is certain that we are going to prevent getting into any type of conflict with Russia, and certainly avoiding any that brings us to World War III. Russia's loose talk regarding its nuclear weapons is a sign of irresponsibility. This goes against everything we have said. It also contradicts what Russia has said for many years about how a nuclear conflict is not winnable. This was reiterated at the recent meeting between President Biden, Putin and the Geneva summ[it]. We watched it very closely. There's a lot of bad talk and bluster. However, I must say that we are concerned about Russia using a chemical weapon or another weapon of mass destruction. This is an area we are extremely focused on.”

    “If they use chemical weapons, what will NATO allies and the U.S. do?” Blitzer queried.

    Blinken replied, “I'm gonna not spell it out here. But the consequences would be serious.”


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