Bodies Found Dumped Along Mexican Highway near Acapulco


    The horrific incident took place in the early hours on Friday morning when officials from the State of Guerrero came to assist an isolated community in Quechultenango. The area of the crime scene is located just a bit more than sixty miles to the north of Acapulco.

    When the authorities arrived at that site, they discovered an unmarked truck that was shot numerous times and then set on the fire. In the vicinity of the vehicle, police found two bodies and six heads.

    The Guerrero Attorney General's Office confirmed the bodies' discovery in a statement and said they were investigating the matter. 

    The grisly crime scene is set in the midst of a time when numerous cells of rival drug cartels battle for control of the beach corridors that transport drugs to Mexico through Central as well as South America, control of vast areas of cultivation for drugs in rural areas, and the widespread distribution of drug in and the vicinity of Acapulco.

    Despite years of continuous violent incidents, Acapulco Mayor Abelina Lopez has attempted to reduce the violence in the city. She has been ridiculed publicly for saying that high temperatures and hunger are the main cause of the murders.


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