Breaking News: Trump Was Listening to People as Insane as Democrats!


    Evidently, White House counsel Pat Cipillone—who we've heard was the Rosetta stone in the entire matter against Trump and his administration—was not able to defend the pious White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

    One of the most shocking assertions Hutchinson made just two weeks ago was this conversation between her boss, chief of staff Mark Meadows, and Cipollone:

    Cipollone: “The rioters have gotten into the Capitol, Mark. We need to go see the president now.”

    Meadows: “He doesn’t want to do anything”

    Cipollone: “Something needs to be done, or somebody is going to die and this is going to be on your effing hands. They’re literally calling for the VP to be effing hung.”

    Meadows: “You heard him, Pat, he thinks Mike deserves it.”

    Cipollone: “Effing crazy.”

    Cipollone must testify! 

    Cipollone finally testified last Friday, and the most shocking thing was that he thought Trump ought to accept the outcome of the election.

    So did everybody else within five miles of the White House—except Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn and the previous Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Byrne.

    It's certainly embarrassing that Trump held a meeting on December 18 meeting with the nutcases and announced the appointment of Powell as “special counsel” to look into election fraud.

    Give a specific day in the Trump presidency when he didn't make a mistake. Give a specific day since the election, that you didn't know Trump was being advised by Powell, Flynn, and the Overstock CEO.

    I'm not sure why liberals keep laughing at Powell's bizarre theories regarding the presidential election. According to my understanding, she says that there was a rigged election through Iran, China and maybe Hugo Chavez, among other completely plausible, not-too-strange assertions.

    Do you remember that Diebold Voting Machine conspiracy idea?

    According to prominent and highly respected Democrats, the Diebold company tampered with Ohio’s voting machines in 2004 in order to change the votes from Kerry to Bush. If it wasn't for Ohio, Bush would have lost the election.

    Some of the locations where in which the Diebold conspiracy theory was vigorously debated include:

    An article of 8,000 words written by Michael Shnayerson in the April 2004 issue of Vanity Fair;

    A 2,800-word essay written by Christopher Hitchens in the March 2005 issue of Vanity Fair;

    An “expose” by Bobby Kennedy Jr. in the June 15, 2006 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

    The essence of the matter is that the chief executive officer of Diebold, which was the company that supplied certain voting machines in Ohio as well as other machines for the state, was an avid Bush supporter. Additionally, one engineer from the software testers “had given $25,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2000.”

    The Diebold conspiracy theory was so ridiculous that it was slammed in Salon magazine. This is a magazine with articles about pollution on Mars and anal sex.

    But, even during counting of the 2004 Electoral College vote, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones from Ohio both voted against the reading of Ohio's vote which required both houses to go back in their chambers and discuss on the Ohio result for two hours prior to returning to finalize the results.

    Thirty-one House Democrats protested against the counting of Ohio's vote. One Senate member opposed it. (Guess who?)

    A novel, Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Was even written about it by Steven F. Freeman and Joel Bleifuss. (Spoiler alert: It was stolen!) Their proof was that exit polls indicated Kerry was ahead.

    The most serious fraud that occurred in the 2020 election, as well as every election since, wasn't the fact that Iran, China, or Chavez were manipulating our voting machines. It wasn't the vote harvesting that was allegedly exposed in Dinesh D'Souza's film, 2000 Mules. It was the liberals who were doing it right before our eyes.

    Democrats are known to be “unmotivated voters.” So they require large numbers of “Get Out the Vote” activists to find those who are lazy and bored. (Yes, the same people who liberals claim will have their long-held hopes of voting shattered due to GOP “voter suppression” schemes aren't motivated to get up to vote on Election Day.)

    In the past, Democrats have drawn in their voters by offering a free ride or a box lunch, and money. They’ve even promised a gurney in the event that it's necessary. Volunteers provide voters with detailed and child-like directions on what to fill in on their ballots. Fortunately, government employees who are unionized are able to have plenty of time in order to “organize” voters.

    Without such military-like actions, Democrats may find half of their voters were asleep and didn't vote.

    Therefore, COVID was a miracle to the left. It gave them the perfect reason to give even more time  for volunteers to find those who were not interested. Absentee ballots, mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and months of early voting benefited Democrats.

    Until Republicans cease to be pushovers and end the mail-in balloting system, all early voting, drop boxes in all forms, and adopt the federal law that makes it mandatory to have ONE day, a national holiday for voters to cast their ballots (which is within Congress Constitutional authority), Democrats have a huge, unfair advantage. It's not being a cheater. It's just being more intelligent than Mitch McConnell.


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