Brian Stelter’s Final Episode is as Ironic as Ever


    The departing CNN anchor Brian Stelter started the final episode of “Reliable Sources” on Sunday by stating that the show was small but “one-of-a-kind.”

    Stelter declared, “One of the biggest stories from the week's media can be found right here. This is the final show. CNN has canceled ‘Reliable Sources’. This is the longest-running show that the channel has. I've got lots of thoughts about the decision, but I'll keep them for the next hour. Most of you are aware, CNN has a new owner. Warner Brothers Discovery is making major changes throughout the organization. There's bound to be more changes throughout the company, which includes the newsroom at CNN. I'm sorry that I can't be there to report on the news.”

    He added, “I love this show. The show was small, but it did well over the course of many years. Even a former president made comments about the decision to cancel the show. ‘Reliable Sources' is an original and well-known show. It's among the most rated shows on CNN's weekend schedule.”

    Stelter said, “The thing about TV is that it's fleeting you know? It's fleeting. It disappears in the sky and the majority of it's not intended to be kept in mind. This program, however, transcends the limitations of it. It's an integral part of the journalism schools' program. Teachers from all over the world and teachers use segments from the show every day in classrooms, lessons, and instructing the next generation.”


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