Brit Hume Says Trump is Losing Hold on Republican Party


    Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume told the news channel on FNC's “Special Report” that former President Donald Trump was losing his influence over his Republican Party.

    When you asked about Trump losing his hold on his position in the GOP, Hume said, “Well I've been thinking for a while and there's polling about this, which supports this notion that he has significant influence within his own Republican Party, no two approaches about it but it's beginning to diminish. It began to fade, actually I believe, following his behavior after the election in 2020 which is why a large number of people who had been with him since then started to shift away from Trump.”

    He added, “He never has really changed anything about that. He's always claimed it was an election stolen from him, and that he ought to be the true president, and so on. When you consider the results of this election, those who agreed with him on this issue did not do particularly well.”

    Hume said, “I think that in terms of opinions and also with regard to influence, his name has waned. But that doesn't mean he's no longer an important factor, and isn't enough for Republicans looking forward to 2024 could be unsettling. There's a chance that it will be bloody. It might be painful. It may be enough to cause Republicans who were against Trump to, as you may have guessed, leave or be dissatisfied by 2024. The most difficult task they'll have to do, trying to deal with Trump.”


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